By default Cisco ASA devices have disallowed SMTP TLS traffic on ASA firewalls. Reason is the possibility to inspect the traffic and the ability for traffic classification. When using TLS over SMTP encryption the MTA to MTA connection is encrypted from host to host. So basicly it isn’t possible to inspect the data anymore. That’s the theory to block the TLS connections

Since the GDPR was finally approved by the EU Parliament, secured email connections has become a discussed item in much organisations. When setting up the ‘emailserver of your organisation’ relay in the mailflow connector of the O365 Exchange management both connections SMTP plain and SMTP TLS are allowed.

So my goal is to force a SMTP with TLS connection when setting up local devices and applications by using the Office 365 relay. That worked on the ASA 5505 with this configuration:

policy-map type inspect esmtp esmtp_map
match body line length gt 1
policy-map global_policy
class inspection_default
inspect esmtp esmtp_map

First set the allow-tls parameter to allow the TLS connection.
Second the match body line lenght will drop a unsecured connection that basicly can get inspected (cool!)
The second match rule will not be applied to the TLS connections cause the encryption…

Just a workaround to turn the Cisco philosophy around and only force outgoing TLS connections.

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Steeds meer gebruikers gebruiken gedeelde mailboxen binnen de Office 365 Exchange Online suite. Standaard is de functionaliteit van een gedeelde mailbox beperkter als een account geschakelde mailbox.

Iets waar veel gebruikers tegenaan lopen is het centraal bewaren van verzonden mail en verwijderde items. Hieronder de oplossingen om een gedeelde mailbox in de Outlook desktop applicatie de betreffende mailboxen te gebruiken:

Laat altijd de office 365 functie uit staan:

Voor Office 2016:

DWORD: DelegateSentItemsStyle
Data Value: 1

DWORD: DelegateWastebasketStyle
Data Value: 8

Regkey example:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00






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Workaround to repair WDF violation after incorrect updates in the autumn of 2018. Check previous article


Short fix:

All the steps:

After several restarts next screen apears

  • Automatic repair

  • Wait for ‘determine problems’

  • Automatic repair click on Advanced options (Geavanceerde opties)

  • Click on (think)  Resolve Problems (Problemen oplossen)

  • Click on advanced options (geavanceerde opties)

  • Click on Command Prompt (Opdrachtprompt)

  • Type c: and check the folders to see if this is the OS partition
  • Sometimes the OS drive is active on another drive letter.
    • Check d: etc

  • Navigate to Windows\sytem32\drivers

  • type dir HpqKbFiltr.sys
    • Check if the faulty driver HpqKbFiltr.sys exist en check the date

  • Rename the file:
    ren HpqKbFiltr.sys HpqKbFiltr.sys.old

  • Reboot from recovery prompt with Windows PE reboot command:
    wpeutil reboot

  • And yes! Windows starts again.
  • Check latest updates and be happy!



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Last week several HP desktops are crashed on a update on Windows 10 1803. HP advises to apply no Windows 10 updates on business machines to ensure continuity.(In the meantime update is revoked).

rename C:\windows\system32\drivers\HpqKbFiltr.sys
Check this article for the steps (when ready)

Probably the HP Development Company, L.P. – Keyboard – 7/11/2018 12:00:00 AM –
Does not matter which brand of keyboard is connected. Also seen with Logitech hardware.

Updates revoked
The updates has been revoked in the Windows Update catalog. Tested on new installation.
Advice to update computers with pending updates carefull. If update is still installed apply workaround (see solution).

What happens
After restarting machines Windows crashes imideatly on startup. See Screenshot below:

Affected models:
HP Prodesk 490 G3 MT
Latest prodesk models.

See dutch article on

HP and Microsoft reports that a fix is not applicable. No statement available. Possible Dell machines also affected.

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Ben jij dé gestructureerde en object georiënteerde PHP ontwikkelaar die wij zoeken? Werk je op freelance basis? Dan is deze job misschien iets voor jou!

Hiermee ga ja aan het werk bij de eindklant:

  • Zend Framework 2 applicatie (PHP)
  • Doctrine ORM
  • JavaScript Front-end
  • Oplossen bugs
  • Opleveren nieuwe functionaliteit

Issues worden aangemaakt in een centrale bug manager. Spreekt het volgende je aan?

  • Remote werken
  • Gebruik van GIT repository
  • Test en release
  • Ondersteuning door een klein team

De applicatie betreft een cursusadministratie bij een opleidingsinstituut. Neem contact met mij op over de mogelijkheden.

Notice: we are looking for a Dutch developer. The application is close to national legislation and practices.

Interesse ? Laat je gegevens achter en er wordt contact met je opgenomen.

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