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Use this registry change to enable the pincode Windows Hello on a traditional domain without Azure AD or MDM.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

Notice that the a new pincode is registered on the local device only. Each other device will store the pincode locally (It should be possible to use the domain controller as credential provider, but this change will not activate that feature). This registry change will activate the builtin client Windows Hello functionality. It will not activate other enhanced functionality or central management.

Camera functionallity can be activated if the pincode is set first. You need a compatible IR camera to activate this feature.

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Workaround to repair WDF violation after incorrect updates in the autumn of 2018. Check previous article


Short fix:

All the steps:

After several restarts next screen apears

  • Automatic repair

  • Wait for ‘determine problems’

  • Automatic repair click on Advanced options (Geavanceerde opties)

  • Click on (think)  Resolve Problems (Problemen oplossen)

  • Click on advanced options (geavanceerde opties)

  • Click on Command Prompt (Opdrachtprompt)

  • Type c: and check the folders to see if this is the OS partition
  • Sometimes the OS drive is active on another drive letter.
    • Check d: etc

  • Navigate to Windows\sytem32\drivers

  • type dir HpqKbFiltr.sys
    • Check if the faulty driver HpqKbFiltr.sys exist en check the date

  • Rename the file:
    ren HpqKbFiltr.sys HpqKbFiltr.sys.old

  • Reboot from recovery prompt with Windows PE reboot command:
    wpeutil reboot

  • And yes! Windows starts again.
  • Check latest updates and be happy!



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