Workarond to repair WDF VIOLATION on HP Prodesk business desktops – updated

Workaround to repair WDF violation after incorrect updates in the autumn of 2018. Check previous article


Short fix:

All the steps:

After several restarts next screen apears

  • Automatic repair

  • Wait for ‘determine problems’

  • Automatic repair click on Advanced options (Geavanceerde opties)

  • Click on (think)  Resolve Problems (Problemen oplossen)

  • Click on advanced options (geavanceerde opties)

  • Click on Command Prompt (Opdrachtprompt)

  • Type c: and check the folders to see if this is the OS partition
  • Sometimes the OS drive is active on another drive letter.
    • Check d: etc

  • Navigate to Windows\sytem32\drivers

  • type dir HpqKbFiltr.sys
    • Check if the faulty driver HpqKbFiltr.sys exist en check the date

  • Rename the file:
    ren HpqKbFiltr.sys HpqKbFiltr.sys.old

  • Reboot from recovery prompt with Windows PE reboot command:
    wpeutil reboot

  • And yes! Windows starts again.
  • Check latest updates and be happy!



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